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Battery meter showing 0% but it is fully charged in escribe


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So, I was messing with my battery on the anarchist mod today.  I fully charged it and opened it up in escribe... everything looked good.  When I took it off the charger and it sat for a minute, the battery dropped to zero on the screen.  The mod still hit perfectly, in escribe the battery shows that it is nearly fully charged, but it doesnt show as having any charge on the screen.

Any suggestions?

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there is also a "set charge estimate" in device monitor. if you know your battery pack's total watt hour and you know it is fully charged, you can manually type in the charge percentage in wh's. for ex. a fully charged 900 mah 3s lipo = 10 wh's. that number would be entered in the estimate field if the battery is fully charged. or 5 wh's if at half charge and so on.

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