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So the DNA 40 still beats the DNA 75 in higher ohm builds

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I was discussed, but it would have costs in other areas like the min resistance, I have ran builds as low as 0.03 ohm on it, they work fine, but that is a bit too current hungry for the keystone battery sled, 0.05 ohm runs very well.  I think one thing that was difficult with the 40 was the min res restricted what you could build with Ni too much and I for one am really glad they did it this way.

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Yeah, I keep a DNA40 handy now for just such purposes. I can't say I'm happy that super subohmers won out over much less current hungry higher ohm builds. DNA's being able to fire a screwdriver isn't news to me. lolol.
Either way, I have the perfect enclosure for the 75 that will be parallel 18650.

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