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boxer dna133 problem

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Yes I know, but EScribe's Device Monitor will display the cells voltages as well as the pack voltage. It is acting like it isn't happy with one or more of them. So I would like to know what voltages it says they are. If they are fine, maybe it got configured to a 3 cell when it is supposed to be a 2 cell.

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Cell 1 should be battery 1 voltage and cell 2 is battery 2 voltage (both should read almost if not the same or the DNA200 will turn off) and the pack should be the two added together. Cell 3... well there isn't a battery 3 and normally it should read 0v. But one of mine floats around between 0.50v to 1.10v. I could fix it, but I don't think it is actually affecting or hurting anything. So I have left it alone.

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