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Right guys I have a panzer dna200 which failed after 2 days! Bought the fuse from rs components and took it to a local electrical repair shop, I have now got the mod back from the repair guy, fuse looks perfectly good, with the mod in pieces and just the board connected to the charge side of the lipo the screen looks normal showing wattage etc, when I attempt to screw an atty onto the 510 the screen goes off? Connected to escribe and battery looks slightly unbalanced?.... This is where the fun begins haha when connected as above but with the other part of battery connected too, the screen shows check warranty, attempt to screw an atty on and it fires as soon as it touches the 510! And in escribe the lipo looks badly unbalanced, I have tried hard/soft reboots and nothing seems to work! I'm slowly losing patience with this now, it's my first dna device and it's very disheartening that it worked for 2 days!! Please can someone help? Thanks,

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Well I don't see anything to do except to contact the vendor to get it replaced. Either that or Think Vape or open a ticket with Evolv.

It would be interesting to know the cell voltages and what the graph looks like under EScribe's Device Monitor while firing and one while not firing to see if it thinks the fire button is being pressed down.

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