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Can I use a quick charge AC plug or power bank on the dna 200


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I read you can use cellphone chargers and it'll automatically limit 1amp. I'm not looking to charge quicker but rather to use my ravpower 20500mah power bank. It has USb c, qc2.0 and some ismart I think 2.1amp. I know you can plug the quick charge into a non quick charge phone and the charger itself has built in stuff to adjust bit has anyone used a power bank. Other wise I have a 6000 mah 1amp Google fi power bank I can use. If I have a 1200mah lipos does that equivalent to the mah measurement on these powebabks meaning I'd get 4+charges out that 6000mah?

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Yes you can. You don't have to worry even connecting something that can't provide 1A either. As it will only draw as much as it can safely draw, up to 1A. Anything more, it won't use. The only thing you have to worry about is that your USB source isn't putting out something high like 5.5v or more.

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