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What's up guys! This may have been covered previously, but I hadn't seen it mentioned. I assembled 2 different dna 75 boxes, the first is a dual 18650, and the second a single 26650. The first box is functioning perfectly, but the second box gives me a check battery code instantly and makes a buzzing noise momentarily. I have checked all my solder points, and have recommended guage wiring. Before I continue trouble shooting, has anyone else had this issue? There's really nothing more externally I can do with it that I'm aware of. BTW, this error code remains regardless of battery choice, including my authentic Sony 26650's and vtc4s. Thanks in advance.

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Nope, haven't hooked him up to escribe yet. I'll try that. The board appeared intact compared to the other one. Like a fool, after applying initial power and everything powering up like the other I went ahead and installed it then epoxied it in place, DOH! Didn't think to hook up an atomizer and check function prior to final install, lol. Oh well, living and learning. I may be working backwards today to get it skraight. Thanks for your response my brother, good insight, appreciate the input, and I will update this thread when adequate conclusion occurs. THANKY!

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