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Battery/board question

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I've been rummaging through different forums including this one looking for an answer. Even sent out a few emails. My question is that of lipo "pairing" to the board, is there a reason premade DNA200 mods come with 900-1300mah lipos? The reason I ask is that i've noticed most problems with boards blowing fuses and other stress related problems seem to all be mods with higher milliamp hours then that of most factory units, or swapping batteries. Is there a connection here? Were DNA200 boards not meant to run longer than a few hours? Could we be over stressing the boards past the manufacturers recommended stress points with these actions? And are there ways we can avoid future board failures?? Any responses are welcomed. This is my first post on this forum. If I'm %100 wrong with these questions I'll go slip on my flame proof undies if needed.

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I dunno... I have ten DNA200 mods (a eleventh one probably be here tomorrow) and none of mine has blown a fuse yet. Why did you have one that did?

I also run mine about 20 hours a day and often chain vaping. I don't usually charge internally, but swap batteries and go.

One thing I noticed that I don't do is some use 200 watts for a preheat. Do they really need a thousand of a second of ramp up time? If a fuse is going to blow, that would be the time it would blow.

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