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Settings in TC / TCR mod

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I am a new user of DNA 75.

I find that the configuration of my box is very complicated to change the wattage / temperature (5x fire click, click on + and - buton, adjust without possibility of testing, unlock with 5x fire buton => test it).

Please change it:

- Fire and + buton for change wattage / temperature (without fire 5x click)

- Fire and - buton for lock coil (without fire 5x click)

Or offer a other possibility to customize this easily on the box ! Changing settings as currently proposed are a horror to use.

I also noticed that the value of resistance found by the box is often very different from that found by Escrib softtware (0.22 Ohms from the box, 25 Ohms with Escrib). Consequently the vape is not enough abundant. Please debug it.

Best regards.

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If you want watts as the easy adjustment uncheck temp dominant in the profile, if you want temp as the easy adjustment check temp dominant in the profile.  You can also change the number of clicks to lock it in the theme tab.

The raw ohms will be different, for non temp sensing wire the nominal ohms are used which take into account the mod resistance.  Fr temp sensing wires the cold ohms are used, which also takes the room temperature into account.

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Thank you for your reply,

I have changed the number of clicks to lock it in the theme tab @ 3 clicks.

I know I can create multiple profiles, but what I would like is able to modify more easily one profiles directly on my box...

For the calibration of Ohms your procedure is standard, but there is a difference between that displayed by the box and Escrib indicated (General => Analyzer of Atomizer). I have to manually enter the correct value in Escrib and locked Ohms...

I wish could more easily do without Escrib similar at a other box.

Tks and best regards.

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