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Therion - Few questions for the 75's Specialists


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My Therion arrived today, and since i already had some experience with escribe, i thought it would be "piece of cake", but i had some doubts with it:

First i knew i had to install the 75 escribe. After install i realize that it had overwrite my early escribe, but this one is good also for the 200 & 133 i have.

  • It is the 1.0.56. Is that the last version, or there is a newer one?
  • In device monitor is says version 2016-06-05. Is it good idea (or do i get any benefit) to upgrade firmware? (If there is a newer version, that is)
  • The mod resistance was at 0. I did "shorted" with a tool i created, and that measured in atomizer analyzer 0.004. Did put that number on Mod resistance. Strange that it came at 0, right?
  • In Battery Type it had two options: Lithium Ion 18650 and Lithium Polymer. It was at second one and cuttoff 2.75. It was supposed to be in Lithium Ion 18650, right? I also did put cuttoff at 2,66 (as i read on some post around)
  • Did noticed that in the Materials it haves Kanthal... As it is used without Temp control, does it matters to have that? It seems the same csv for Nickel...
Maybe someone already asked that question, and maybe is answered somewhere, but... Does the 75 haves the same footprint than the 200? Is there many differences in sizes?
Not for now, but if it is similar sizes, this could turn to a 133 or 166 Therion in the future, who knows? :D

Note: First i got the 200 (VS), then the 133 (EF Duo) and now the 75(Therion). This DNA "thing" is highly addictive - Really! :D:D:D

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Yes that's the current version of Escribe and fw, Escribe ver is 10.0.56, fw is by date.
Mod res: 0.004 sounds reasonable, yes use that, some manufactures do not set it and better is is zero than too high.
Yes Li Ion 18650 for all 18650 & 26650 batteries, the cut off is personal preference I leave mine on default 2.75 V
The Kanthal profile is non-standard, there is a Watts one for power mode that should have the checkbox "temp sensing" unchecked.

The board is 1 mm shorter at the top and 4 mm shorter at the bottom than a DNA 200.

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