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TFV8 Cloud Best subohm tank

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I have been using a Smoktech H-Priv (Which is nice with Dual 18650 LG HD4s or official Sony VTC4s) a Reuleaux RX200S (which I'm disappointed with performance wise), and my old workhouse Hcigar VT200 DNA 200 regulated box mod un-modified or upgraded in anyway. Now I don't plan on using the DNA 200 Mod since I've always felt that it burns through Kanthal or Clapton coils meant for wattage only and it prevents taste from shining through. Is there going to be a wattage mode option that remedies such issues. If I had known DNA 200 mods were 95% made for improved TC function and features for users to customize their temperature experience, I wouldn't have bought one. However I have faith Evolv will eventually accommodate us VW only users in the near future. Any word on such new features?  

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DNA 200 are great in power mode, they automatically go into power mode when they detect non temp sensing wire so what you describe is probably just the other mods putting out lower power than the screen says causing you to up the power on the DNA, jut turn the power down a bit.  You can force power mode by adjusting the temp above 600 F if that make you more comfortable, but it is not necessary, this applies to the DNA 25, 40, 75 & 200.  You can also turn temp limiting off in each profile in EScribe.


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