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Screen problem and operation problems with temp control with ni200, all SS types and Ti


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So Ive been having serious problems with my Lost Vapes Efusion DNA 200. The screen scrambles randomly witha snow like halfway down but you can still see half the text. Ive contacted Lost Vapes but they won't help at all. They say its discontinued etc. I'm hoping evolv can help fix it somehow. I've heard you guys are food about fixing your boards when the company's that are using them won't. I'll attach a two of the problem on the main screen. This happens while navigating through any area, especially while trying to lock the watts to change to another tank setting. Annthe temp control is just not working how it should, compared to my friends Reuleaux DNA200 or his VaporShark and we are using the same .csv files etc. so it should be the same. An frommthe get go the micro usb charge port has never been right, I've tried multiple cords and ever single one I have to mess with so it charges or lets me connect to escribe. An Lost Vapes just refused to help me. Please, please; please help me Evolv this is my only vape mod and it was a large purchase for me.



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