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Escribe does not connect anymore to either of my DNA mods

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After having upgraded Escribe to v1.2 (on DNA200.de, the German Crew website) I was able to upgrade the firmware both of my HCigar VT133 (DNA200) and HCigar VT75 (DNA75). However, since then Escribe does not connect to either of them anymore, and it cannot retrieve the serial numbers of the DNA boards. See the screenshot attached.

Therefore, I cannot use Escribe anymore to change any settings of either mod. How can I restore the previous firmware? I tried to load a previous sw-update file, but that triggered another error message, the details of which I have attached in a docx-file.

I hope someone can tell me how to revert to previous firmware!

Thanks for your answers!


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skineedog said:

I have that problem quite frequently too. Either restarting Escribe or the computer resolves the issue for me.

Thanks. Indeed, after rebooting I had access to the serial numbers. I hope the problem does not recur too often.

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