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One of batteries did not work before ordering new accumulators, I checked a payment. It does not charge 2s. On the picture the payment is connected to the computer. Connected according to such scheme. I use reset, usb recovery and etc... Monitor: http://puu.sh/qDR1A/202784fa68.png circuit: http://cs633223.vk.me/v633223285/41c65/MEwkNqVEt0k.jpg set 2 pack: http://puu.sh/qDRmH/2ac83af7ec.png I tried others charging and wires, other computers. Doesn't work. Ps: Sorry for my bad English :(

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welcome rabidka! your dna 133 is not charging the batteries? is that your problem? you have everything set correctly in escribe and the wiring appears correct as well. one area that concerns me is, it says you're drawing over 3.082 amps from the USB. USB current when connected to escribe should not be over 0.5 - 1.0 amps. (depending on the type of USB port, i think) 

what does the dna 133 mod screen say the USB current is? if you select "USB current" under "screen" tab in escribe and "upload to device". what does mod screen say, how much USB current? i hope you can understand what i'm trying to say.


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I connected 3S pack 18650, and again all time 3.08A and not charge :( Idk, all component on board on site(as i see), how to make full reset(dna200 stock)?
After set 3S pack i use monitor and: 
usb 1.0 coonected....
I  switched off and included an USB cable:
Board photo: [iiDyy4FC6po] 

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