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Efusion Duo Won't Turn On Or Read Atomizer


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I just purchased an efusion duo. It was working fine for the past week in power mode. But today, when I went to change my 18650 batteries, it wouldn't turn on anymore. I tried multiple different batteries that all work in my other mods, so the batteries can't be the problem. When I plug the mod into my computer, it turns on. It just won't fire any atomizers. It won't even read any atomizers that work on my other mods, so it can't be the atomizers either.
So I decided to switch to the Lipo. I followed the instructions exactly, changed all of the settings in Escribe as the instruction manual says to do. But when I unplug the mod and try to turn it on, it won't turn on. It will only turn on while plugged into the computer, but even then, will not read any atomizers but it is reading the battery and the Lipo appears to be healthy at 11.6v. and I did do the "upload settings to device" so thats not it either. This is what the mod tab looks like after changing to the Lipo.Screenshot_(2).png
What could the problem be? Is there a way to fix this in Escribe? Anyone know what the problem may be? This mod was not cheap, and I'd hate for it to be bricked after only a week of use.
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Well. The lipo was never the issue. I'm fairly certain that a fuse blew based on how it will only turn on while plugged into the computer. I already have it all packed up and ready to send off to get the fuse replaced (as long as Evolv responds to my service ticket, but I don't see why they wouldn't. I've heard that they have the best CS in the industry) It just sucks :( I hadn't even had it a full week.

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I contacted Evolv, hoping that they could repair the problem since the Lost Vape website said I would need to deal with the vendor I got it from.

Here was the response from Evolv:

"While Evolv does not repair Lost Vape devices directly, Lost Vape does have a US based repair service. Their website is as follows:


If you contact them through the above site they should be able to service your device for you and resolve any issues you are having."

So I contacted the Lost Vape Repair Center. They have not yet responded to me, but on the repair website, it says they will repair under the conditions of the 6 month warranty, we would just have to pay for shipping to the Repair Center in Ohio. Or if it's not under warranty, they can still repair, but will charge a fee for labor and parts. 

I hope that helps! I'm sending mine in as soon as I hear back from the Lost Vape Repair Center that they will accept the service ticket. 
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