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dna 75 lavabox m wont connect to escribe


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welcome to the forum jdedonato. you are using an escribe that is compatible with both the dna 75 and 200?  first try and restart your computer and use a known good usb cable that works for your other dna's you know WILL connect. if the mod vapes and charges just fine, but will not connect to escribe, my guess is the usb port data pins are bad (bad usb port).  

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jdedonato said:

Tried 20 cables. Wont connect. Got latest firmware and sotware and all my dna 200s connect fine. Shows battery charging though. Lavabox m issue?

What version of EScribe are you running?  Older versions were not the same software for DNA200 and DNA75 boards. Current releases (SP3) can do both.
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