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Vaporshark DNA200 just died again...


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Not having too much luck with the Vaporshark DNA200. I bought mine in July and in early August it stopped working with the OHMS TOO HIGH ERROR and was overheating.

So contacted VS and sent it in, and they changed the board. Got it back about 2 weeks ago.

Today, as I was vaping, the VS DNA 200 just out of the blue stopped working again.

The blue fire button is turning on when pressed but the LED is completely blank and of course it will not fire the device. 

Has anyone experienced that issue. 

Feeling a little frustrated about the DNA200 chip now. It seriously isn't worth this amount of hassle.

I have sent Vaporshark an email and see what happens, but I am seriously thinking about not even bothering to send it in and cutting my losses with the DNA Chip and go to mechanicals.

So in effect, I have had this device for less than 2 months and it has stopped working twice already and even within 2 weeks of coming back from repair. 

There is something wrong with this chip. 

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what you described happened to my VS DNA 200. the usb port shorted out causing the fuse to blow. after the fuse blew no blue led lights and no connection to escribe. had to send it a second time for a new enclosure. the rubberized paint was peeling at the top of the mod. this was within a 3 month period but it's working great now, no problems. stick with it. VS's customer service is great to deal with. ya it's a major bummer and inconvenience when the mod dies and you have to send it back but still a great device when working properly.

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Aikhme said:

Yeh i guess I will persevere.

But how long until the next fuse goes again? It seems to be a regular occurrence with the average fuse lifespan being about a month or less. 

not necessarily, there have been a few revisions to the VS DNA 200 board. each time fixing things as they go. my guess is you'll send it in this last time. 
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