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Kanthal max power issue


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Hi all, Pretty new here, just got a DNA 200 the other day from a local guy.. it's a Triumph DNA 200, I noticed when I first put my TFV8 on it it was hitting super hot.. I so loaded escribe and reset it to factory. No issues there.

However it's now not going over 100 watts at all, no matter what I change. I did some research and saw there use to be a mod button with an electrical setting you can use to change the max wattage, however the newest version of escribe I have does not have this menu option from what I can see.  Am I missing something here?

Even with an RDA on it (Goon RDA) with dual fused clapton's it still only hitting at 100 watts max.   I checked this with the device meter on escribe and no matter how high up I turn up the wattage it's capping at 100 on the device. Any help would be greatly appreciated! 

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