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DNA75 Solidworks, IGES, and STEP files

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That's alright .

I give up.

This just isn't worth it.

Stock firmware is ok on the Lavabox m, but without precise TCR or TRF I am going backwards.

I'm going to give this away to a friend who thinks pulsing wattage mode is vaping.

I'm going to get rid of this evolve and go back to artic fox and red panda.

It just works, this is the clunkiest firmware I ever saw.

You are the best help I ever had, not your fault, this evolve is  a junk cludge  interface and ruins whatever advanced hardware is there to use.

I was part owner of Computer World in Las Vegas and we would never release or work with such bad undocumented  firmware as this.

Maybe after a good nights sleep ... but I doubt it, just doesn't work well or simply.

I see why so few use it even that it has better hardware behind it.


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