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  1. That's alright . I give up. This just isn't worth it. Stock firmware is ok on the Lavabox m, but without precise TCR or TRF I am going backwards. I'm going to give this away to a friend who thinks pulsing wattage mode is vaping. I'm going to get rid of this evolve and go back to artic fox and red panda. It just works, this is the clunkiest firmware I ever saw. You are the best help I ever had, not your fault, this evolve is a junk cludge interface and ruins whatever advanced hardware is there to use. I was part owner of Computer World in Las Vegas and
  2. Nice, I did that and all it shows is the original volcano ecig file .csv is invisible and so is other ecig files
  3. It's nickel and I think problem is its looking for a .ecigprofile & I have a .cvs This should have a simple upload .csv function if that's what it wants. This is so easy to TC on every mod but Evolves? I wish I could learn what I an doing wrong, but this software is anti intuitive. I feel like a complete idiot. Sai Donut.csv Sai.ecigprofile
  4. I am trying to understand this. I have the settings, why won't the program not taking its own file? What was the other way to do this? Material ?
  5. nichrome or nickel 200 You can see the .csv i sent is an excell page I really wanted to learn this, is this evolve really this bad?
  6. Is there another way? Is it me ? This is a nightmare for something so basic. I feel like a dumb chit!
  7. Nothing seems to work, just going around in circles. Can I just make all the profiles the sai? Why isn't this grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  8. Do I need to remove sai .csv from material it's not working? I'm pulling my hair out screaming at the TV, not kidding.
  9. Note: the mod can only store 8 materials, materials can not be deleted if used in a profile so change to another material as needed first when the occasion arises. I,m sorry, just lost me. My head hurts & my 71 yr old eyes are screaming. I'm so close, I just want this one profile, nothing else. I'm stuck, makes no sense how do I chose profile or material I just want one that works and goes on mod, Whew you are so Awesome. I would have hit me in the head if I were you by now.
  10. Ok Thanks I got it on the device now it says, but not showing up in profile? I guess 1 more step? How do I move the .csv file to profile 1? so close, yet so far away, lol. Thanks for your patience, I really appreciate this. I was ready to just give up as this is way to hard to do with deep knowledge. nothing intuitive about this process, I would be lost without your kind help. ty
  11. Is it really this hard to lad a simple .csv saved file? This is really frustrating? It is just an atomizer setting of TCR values. I see these files everywhere. Here is the file Sai Donut.csv
  12. Thanks, it works perfect in IE. So much to learn, so different than stock. Trying to load a .cvs file from my buddy who told me to get this Evolve platform. Not quite understanding this upload a .cvs file? I have it on my computer, can I not just upload it to the mod or evolve first then the mod?
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