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Lipo's and the Lost Vape Halcyon

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Hey All New to the forum, and DNA 200's, especially those that are Lipo powered.

I have a battery question, I got myself a Lost Vapes Halcyon for my birthday this year, so far it's pretty darn awesome, but I do have one gripe, and that is the stock battery is a 900Mah Lipo....

Is there a Lipo pack that has a better Mah rating that will fit?


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hi jasonarthur and welcome! i doubt you will find a higher mah lipo to fit inside your halcyon. these lipo mods are built like modern cars today, no room under the hood. everything is shoe horned inside. you might, and i stress MIGHT, get a 950 mah lipo to fit but is the extra 50 mah worth it? not really. if you want stamina in a dna 200 you might want to consider a Triade or Reuleaux.

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Hello! I have a question on the halcyon as well:

I know i can charge the lipo through the DNA chip, but do I have to keep an eye on it, or does the battery stop charging once it reaches full capacity. Also, here is a link to another battery I bought on ebay, it fits the Halcyon:



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Mine came with the Maelstrom, for the price, quite a good little RDA.

Supposedly the Hobo V3.1 can take a squonk pin, If you have a Tsunami Geek vape sell pins, and the pin from the 24mm fits the 22mm, just be a conservative juicer, or a 22mm will weep like a Beverly hills housewife signing a prenup.

I bit it and grabbed a Velocity v2, that is now my ADV atty.

Worth every penny.


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