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Vaporshark DNA 200 did not charge


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Hey guys,

I got my Vaporshark DNA 200 this morning. The first thing I did was to connect it to the computer and have a look on Escribe.

I have no clue whats going on. I did a factory reset already.

It says:

Pack: 3.89V
Cell1: 1.84V
Cell2: 2.05V
Cell3: 0.00V

and USB charging just at 0.008A

I dont get it. It is new just picked it out of the box a few hours ago.

Any idea how I can bring this back to life? Or is the battery not working? But I thought the devices where checked before they sell them?

Can I try to do a USB Recovery Charge? And how long would it take?

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I'll move it to the 200 section, your battery has got too low, you may be able to recover it with EScribe go to Tools - Diagnostics - Perform USB Recovery Charge.  If you don't see it you have an older version and it is launched from Device monitor.  It may take a few goes as there is a short safety time limit on it.

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