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Battery problems?


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I just got my first DNA200 device the other day, a Lavabox. It's been great up until last night. Before I went to bed, it showed 19% battery remaining and I have never seen a low battery error(only vape at 45w) I went to take a puff before charging this morning and nothing happened. The screen wouldn't even turn on. I plugged it into the AC adapter and it would turn on, but it was not taking a charge. I connected it to Escribe to see what was going on and all three cells were showing 2.45v and there was no amount of charging going on.
I did a USB recovery charge on it and the voltages were jumping all over the place for a few minutes, each cell going up and down independant to each other. Then they all displayed the same voltage and charging continued as normal. After a while I plugged it back into the AC adapter and all seems to be going normal as usual.
What could have possibly happened over night to the battery? I have my battery wH configured to 9.99 and soft cell cutoff at 3.09. I would think I would have been seeing errors if it was below this, but did not.
Anyone have any ideas?

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