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Slow charging with Halcyon Dna 200


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Hi I'm having issues with my Halcyon I connected it to eScribe and the charging rate is around .17 amps. It's only been charged maybe 4 times, does the charging rate increase over time? Is there something I can do in eScribe that will give me better charging? Thanks

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I only charge mine off a 2A USB point on a powerstrip.

In theory, giving the onboard 1A balanced charger a good supply to pull from so it can charge at full rate.

Takes about an hour and a half to come up full from 30%.

USB output is generally equal to or less than the rate on the mod, lengthening charge time. 

So I only plug into my laptop when I am adjusting parameters in eScribe.

Also, when I am out and about I keep a Samsung 6000Mah charge pack in my bag.

It pushes 5.1v @1.5A and I can charge it several times before having to recharge the Samsung pack,

and it takes no less time than wall charging it.



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