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How to reset the puff counter on demand?


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Just a quick question.  I have no clue how to reset the puff counter on demand.  I am using the VT75 Nano and coming from the Joyetech VTwo minis that have outstanding useability for on the fly adjustments while in operation.  I prefer to vape, look at my puff counter, then reset to zero, than vape later on.

If the puff counter cannot reset by user command while in use, than please Evolv make this happen on future E-scribe / DNA75 updates please.  Thanks.

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Thank you cobalt327 for the device monitor reset for puff counter information.  I am quite honestly let down by the Evolv DNA75 in that for such an advanced vaporizer mod you would think they could come up with such a simple, working puff counter that could be reset on the mod.  Joyetech has mastered this on their Texas Instruments board. 

Please Evolv, work on a  puff counter that can be reset by user command on the mod without having to constantly plug into Escribe. I mean come on. We can already adjust wattage and temperature control albeit always offing the mod without plugging into Escribe when out and about.

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I guess it's a matter of cost vs. demand, but I hear what you're saying. I'm guessing you do have the puff count displayed on the screen..

Me, I'm a "time" person- I would like to have the screen display cumulative vape/fire button 'on' time ("last puff" time is the only option, it's useless to me) w/o having to go into escribe, and for it to also be resettable from the mod. I use this on other mods and it is one way to see if there's anything unusual going on, like if the battery is discharged before I know it should be, and for how changing settings effect battery run time. That said, I'm thinking you and I must be in the minority! haha

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