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To lock ohms or not to lock Ti .06 build


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Looking for input I have been using TI builds on my Opus DNA 200 a lot.for past 9 months I have been total against locking ohms .from time to time my coil will change from .06 to .07 after setting for a period of time normally notice it pretty quick the device hits way to hard shows 3.06 volts on a .07 coil thats 49 amps 150 watts that is what it feels like as well I let the mod set using any of my RTA Bellow v 3 and Boreas the Boreas seems to be more stable.until it reads the coil at .06 after setting My set up is 100 watts pre heat punch 1 second at 5 or medium 60 watts run temperature dominant set at 475 degrees F wonderful I locked my ohms to day cold reading was .063 on escrib I am seriously considering changing my opinion about locking ohms as I said any input would be helpful

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VapingBad said:

It is a connection issue with the build by the sound of it, if you really can't fix that then lock the ohms, that is why the feature is there, but I always prefer to fix the connection issue myself if possible.

thanks and you are wright it only happens maybe twice in a month this morning first vape of the day eyes not even open yet opened up real quick after I really get up set doing that to the board the battery the cotton and my self with some profanity as i walk down the hallway to the computer to plug it in to see it reading .06 again and and on the mod working great it's just I am frustrated with my self not being able to find the problem in the Atty
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