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triade unbalanced batteries issue


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hey all i was wondering if anyone else has had issues with the triade having an unbalanced battery bug.   its not just one battery port it switches between all of them.   such as 
cell 1 is at 1.75v
cell 2 is at 4.97v
and cell 3 is the only one that is correct at 3.97v
i do charge them on a charger and not through the usb on the device.

its been an issue on several triplets of married batteries that are maybe 2 months old at that.
ive tried reseting the dna board and cleaning the contacts.  

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rintinshinn said:

well heres the kicker i took my batteries out and one cell is showing over 3 volts.   another is showing .27 volts and the third is showing 0 volts

you're saying you measured the cell's individually and got those numbers? i would definitely contact the vendor and ask for a replacement or refund. the board or something else inside the mod is draining your batteries below a safe point. 
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rintinshinn said:

that was with no batteries in the mod. the batteries are still all charged within .05 of each other when i take them out of the mod

you will get random readings like that with no batteries in the mod with the usb plugged in, watching device monitor. this is normal. does the mod fire with charged batteries?
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