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Battery Question


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Hi All,

I just picked up my first DNA, a DNA 75, since the DNA 30. So I am new to the escribe stuff.

I was hoping that all you more experienced users can answer something.

I've attached the battery settings from escribe. I noticed when using the mod, that once the battery hits 50%, it's like the battery meter doesn't update again until it's maybe 10%.

Is that normal behaviour for the DNA 75, can you add points to the meter to have it update more frequently, like say every 10%?


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VapingBad said:

No, mine update between 50 & 10%, I'm looking at one now showing about 35%.  It maybe the battery has a very flat discharge curve in that range, the metre only goes by voltage on the 75 it's not as sophisticated as the meter on the 200 and 250.

Thanks. Maybe you are right, it could just be a flat discharge curve in that range.
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