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My original USB cable from the box is broken lately, and now i have so many question.

1. it is okay to charge DNA200 with another USB cable ? like using smartphone's usb cable or fastcharging usb cable?

2. it is okay to charge DNA200 with charger on wall socket?

3. it is okay if charge with unstable volt input? ( up and down showed on EScribe)

4. What is the minimum and maximum volt inputted?

5. Which is best way to charging? From PC/Laptop OR from wall socket?

6. What is the minimum and maximum A input?


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you can use any usb to micro usb cable for charging. just know some usb cables are better at carrying the voltage/current than others. for a dna 200 you need a 1-2 amp usb wall charger. as for voltage going up and down in escribe, this normal. the best/fastest way to charge is from a wall usb charger with a usb cable that is capable of charge and data (data is needed for use with escribe).

here are some good examples of good usb cables and chargers........



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