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DNA Resistance Specification


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Evolv have never produced them for anything other than Ni or Kanthal as far as I am aware, they are in the spec sheet.  But you can work it out for yourself EG

You want to know for SS316L
You need to pick a temperature, I will use 450 F as you didn't specify
From the spec sheet we have max output voltage 6.2 V and max output current of 30 A (I will ignore the max pulse current of 40 A)
For full 75 W:
max res is found from R = V*V/P = 0.5125 ohms
min res is found from R = P/(I*I) = 0.08333 ohms

But you have a temp sensing wire which changes things a little, I will use SteamEngines TCR of 0.000879.
res at room temp = 1 then res at 450 F = 1.1866

Then we take the std max res and divide it by this 0.05125 / 1.1866 = 0.0432 ohm for 75 W at 450 F
Then we do the same with the min 0.08333 / 1.1866 = 0.0702, but this will be below the std min so will not get to 75 W until hot, so I would suggest just using the standard min.

But if you only wanted max 50 W then the std max res would be 0.7688 ohm, and for SS316L @ 450 F it would be 0.648 ohm
But if you only wanted max 25 W then the std max res would be 1.5379 ohm, and for SS316L @ 450 F it would be 1.296 ohm

Because the temp & max power you want and wire type are all factors it is not easy to make a table.  The main bit is what resistance will the coil be at when it reaches temperature and is that below 6.2 V squared divided by your wattage.

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Thank you very much for your detailed reply!

I'm a DNA newbie and I saw an adv for the new VapeDroid mod equipped with a DNA 75 and in its specs, as you may see in the below picture,


is written that supports SS coils from 0.2 up to 1.0 ohm, as well as the range for other wires.

Given that I always used SS316L from 1.2 to 1.4 ohm, wattage 11-12, temp around 200-210 C (390-410F), and PG/VG with 6mg nicotine and no aroma, the vaping was according to my taste regarding ?? both vape temp and throat hit. But my coil and cotton, after about 7-8 ml needed to be changed due to heavy black residues. Seeing the above adv, I created a 0.85 coil keeping all other variables the same.
And oh marvel! Already have vaped more than 25 ml and both coil and cotton are just slightly colored.

This is why I asked the experts here for an advise.
Now I'll study your kind information and I'd apply them accordingly.

Thank you again!

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