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Hotcig dual 18650 case-charging.


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Hello everyone. 

(EDIT: Looking at the back of the mod, it is the connection going to the furthest right balance pin that has been removed so the dual 18650's work. )

I apologise if I have asked this before, I have memory issues due to illness, I think I asked about settings regarding this and not charging though. 

In my collection, I have converted a Hotcig DX200 to use dual 18650's with a case purchased from them. I have changed all settings in Escribe to reflect this, and set up the watt hours and battery CSV. 

I have been using an external charger to charge the batteries, but wanted to see if I can charge the device via USB like my other DNA200's? 

I am sure there is one less pin on the actual battery box going to the balance port, this is intentional due to the dual 18650's vs 3. 

I remember someone mentioning I can bridge something on the balance tap, but I believe this has essentially done the same thing, the housing plugs into the mod similar to the Li-Po on the DX200, and there is one pin missing going to the balance connection that is intentional. 

So, can I charge via USB, or am I best to sticking to using a dedicated charger? I would prefer to be able to charge via USB just incase I accidentally put the batteries in the wrong way one time. 

Thanks to everyone for your help, Conan.

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