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Reverse Up/Down Buttons [SOLVED]

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Apologies if this has been requested before, but I'd like an option to reverse function of the Up/Down buttons when the screen is rotated to 'Right mode'.

I really prefer Right mode, but it's difficult to get used to the buttons being the "wrong way around". 



Edit - Issue solved

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On this topic:
I recently updated Escribe, now using Version 1.2 SP3.
I have two DNA200 mods and one DNA75 mod. 
I used Escribe last night with the 75, and again today, needed to flip the display on one of the 200's. That worked fine, but I now cannot find the "manufacturer settings" on the "Mod"  page.  I want the adjustment buttons to reflect the orientation of the screen.
Did that go away with the update?

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