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  1. Thanks. I remeber seeing that one when I was paging thru all the uploads. I skipped over it because I wanted something less busy. I definitely appreciate a "teaching" theme tho. I'll DL it and see what I can glean.
  2. Right now, one of the things I'd like to find a fix for is the apparent lack of a charging screen. Also, I want to fix the status field in the main screen so it displays wattage on non-tc coils/profiles and automatically displays temperature on TC coils/profiles...and vise-versa. Also wish I could disable profiles. I really only want maybe 3. I'd just as soon disable/hide/delete the 5 I'll never use. Save that space and unnecessary button clicking...
  3. Thanks. I'll look up that tutorial. I used to build custom screens and themes for high end universal remotes (before smart phones took the stage) so I'm pretty comfortable with trial and error and have a grasp of how theae kinds of things layer together. The thing that's killing me right is the lack of a SIMULATOR. (Or is there one I'm missing somehow?). Making changes to a theme, transferring back to escribe, uploading, and testing is too tedious. ..especially not knowing some of the most basic things like terminology and syntax. Like, what the hell is a toggle? And why isn't there an easy way to find the source/target/structure for what screen a control is on or how its status changes. Having only one screen visible at a time sucks. Hrmm... I'll get it. I just wish there was at least a basic help file with definitions, list of functions, and such.
  4. Hey all. Been a DNA and eScribe user for years but I just got a 250c and started digging in only to find the Theme Designer to be far to cryptic for me. Is there a guide somewhere that lays out what all the various features, controls, and term mean/do? I really want to make this mod (FinDer 250c) my own but I'm struggling. Currently using a slightly tweaked version of Material-ish theme. Would like to get deep enough that I understand how to create my own full featured theme.
  5. cggorman

    Can the max charge V be set?

    That's great. I want to go the other direction. I'll gladly sacrifice pack longevity if I can get a few puffs per charge cycle. In short, I want to be able set max charge at 4.35 for LiHV packs.
  6. Is there a way to set the maximum per-cell charge limit? It stops at 4.2V, which I know is standard for LiPo. I just got a LiHV battery, mostly to see if the lower IR would produce less sag in use, but it sure would be nice to use the full capacity of the pack.
  7. cggorman

    Reverse Up/Down Buttons [SOLVED]

    Unless I misunderstand, the latest version of eScribe already allows this. Under the Mod tab, expand manufacturer settings, 3/4 of the way down under the "Mechanical" heading.
  8. Battery test finished. Took about 45 minutes. I took a couple junk coils I had laying around and put them in an empty big block build deck to act as the resistor. Two wasnt enough but three was way more than enough. They got hot but didn't glow during continuous 40W test fires. The test pulses the coils. On for 10 seconds. Off for 20. I believe this continues until the weak cell drops to the programmed cutoff voltage. In my case this was 3.09V. The pack has one cell that diverged quickly as voltage approached 3.3V or so. The other two cells never dropped below 3.2 before the test concluded. Result: 9.07 Wh I'll probably run it again every day for a couple days to see if the battery pack improves after a few more cycles. Pic of Atty "resistor" attached. I think the coils were about 26ga kanthal and measured 2.46 ohm each. I had a ceiling fan blowing to keep things cool.
  9. I just ran the case analyzer for the second time on my new VT200. Once yesterday and once today. Details below. Silver VT200, serial 10545 (supposedly has the gold plated 510) with the original battery that's gone thru about 3 cycles. -Room temp at 67F and held within .5 degrees throughout duration of test. -Very slight cross draft at about .5 ft/sec -Mod standing upright on plastic Lego blocks to allow air into bottom case vents. -Mod had a stainless Velocity RDA (used, woth dual coils and juice in it) installed throughout duration of test. -Battery charge level at beginning: 40% Test duration was 4.5 hours 1st test result: Cooling: 454.15 Heating: 1232.73 USB: 6.37 F/A: 15.61 Second test was the same except there was no Atty installed and there was a slightly greater down draft from a ceiling fan. 2nd test result: Cooling: 498.72 Heating: 1283.26 USB: 6.78 F/A: 19.91 Pic of the test in progress attached As a side note: I set the mod resistance to 0 as it reported incorrect Atty resistance if I used the values found around the internet. I measured the atty myself using a Fluke multimeter. Mod reporting now matches. Battery test underway now.Follow-up on mod resistance...I threaded a copper slug and ran the atty analyzer again. It reported .004 Ohms. I've read people advising to use between 50-80% of the reported value, so I went ahead and plugged in .002 as the mod resistance. It didn't make much, if any, difference. Just reporting my measurement results.