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dna 200 problem


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hi.. i just bought a dna 200 in september of this year (2016) and today i updated to service pack 3 and my mod would not turn on after unplugging the usb from computer. (after update).  when i put batteries in nothing comes up but when pressing fire button and holding it ..the "LOST VAPE" sign will come on and when i let go the sign goes off. but again..no power..i read somewhere it might be battery issue but i dont know. my imrens are pretty old..around 2 years.

so if u can help a noob out plz kindly do..as i am very new to the dna 200 chips.

thx o.O

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welcome to the forum rineshm. here's what i want you to do..... put the batteries in the mod (make sure they're charged and balanced), open up escribe, go into device monitor and tick all 3 boxes for each of the 3 cells. my guess is one of cells is reading 0 volts. take note of each of the cell's voltage's. post a screenshot of device monitor here with the battery boxes i mentioned ticked. this is a Triade, i'm assuming? if one of the cells is failing to register the battery voltage, as a safety measure, the board will not stay powered on. no fix for that issue, that i know of. you would need to contact the vendor you purchased the mod from and return/ exchange it. FYI, lostvape also has a US based repair center in Ohio.


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ok here is what i did..should be a long one..

after updating to sp3 i charged all 3 batteries externally and put the batteries in the mod..and again i went into device monitor and cell 1 and 2 were around 4.20 and cell 3 was around 1.87 and "battery check" sign

ok so i took out all three batteries again and swapped them around randomly putting them in and then i went into device monitor and this is what i see

pack     12.59
cell 1     4.20
cell 2     4.19
cell 3     4.20

so i dont know why the batteries are doing this..

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you might of gotten lucky and all that is needed is a set of new batts (not IMREN's, don't buy rewraps. stick actual battery manufacturers) and the sled contacts cleaned. with all 3 cells reading so close to each other, the second time around you swapped the batteries, does the mod fire? it should. cell 2 is only off by .01 volt.  

it appears the triade uses the same method of reverse battery protection as the wismec dna200 reauleux. your imrens might not be compatible with this method causing a weak battery connection. I would try samsung 30q's or sony vtc6's or samsung 25r's.

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