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Over charging?


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Had my C1D2 plugged into usb for a couple days with a MXJO 26650. Went to take it off the usb and the device wouldn't respond. Removed the battery and plugged it into my charger to see if it wasn't charging for some reason and my XTAR VC4 wouldn't read it.

I assumed it had just silently and thankfully safely drained it too low without causing any venting or leaking. Board seems to be toasted. Won't respond with any 26650 or any 18650 in the adapter. And plugging it in to a PC it never shows in device manager.

I had the battery out of the mod for a week while I've been working with the retailer to get a replacement. And, I just inserted the battery into my charger and it's reading full at 4.2v. I'm assuming the xtar won't read above a certain voltage, and the cell finally settled down a bit to 4.2v. Has anyone else had any experience with the DNA75 or 200 overcharging batteries?

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Never seen nor heard of overcharging DNA before. I would put battery pack & battery pack % on the charge screen and use a USB current or power metre to check the current is lowering when the battery is approaching full and that it does not charge over 4.2 V with another battery.  Mine charges at 0.79 A (USB) all the way up to 98%, the current starts to reduce at 98% (4.18 V at the battery, 4.1 V on the screen).  It terminates charge slowly over about 30 mins gradually reducing the current, when finished the battery was 4.19 V when charging finished.

Have you loaded a battery profile csv file?  IDK if that could cause this, but if so I would check that none of the values are greater than 4.20 V.  I tried a quick test altering the first point on mine to 4.25 V and it did continue to charger, at very low current (0.05 A USB), then it seem to pulse the battery at that low current, it's like it wants to charge the battery but detecting the battery is not accepting charge as expected, it soon went to 0.00 A USB, charge icon gone and fire button USB off, the battery was at 4.19 V after so I don't think this is an answer.

If if only does it with that battery it is probably a bad battery, but if it does it with another I would get it exchanged.

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