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LIPO battery for Boxer classic DNA200 is not charging


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Hi guys,

I just received my boxer DNA200 with built in LIPO battery today, I plugged it in the charger, but it's not charging at all, when I connected it to escribe and clicked on the device monitor, I found that cell 3 is reading zero, is there any work around I can do to fix it or should I return it ?


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Sounds like a bad battery, but could be a bad balance connection, if you have a multi metre you could measure the battery voltage to check it is the same as EScribe shows.  If it is or you don't have a metre try going to Diagnostics - USB Recovery Charging in EScribe first, you may need a couple of goes as it has a safety time limit, if that doesn't work you will and it's under warranty contact who you you got it from.

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