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dna 250 low usb current


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Hi guys, I am trying to setup my fresh dna 250 3s 1850 maxamp lipo 100c

my problem is i cant seem to get the board to charge at full amperage.
battery settings,- lithiumpolymer-3cell-1850-20.5wh

using 1amp usb supply i only get .2amps charge
tried multiple boxes and cords.

brand new lipo has perfect matching voltages, equal discharge rate.

any ideas? thanks in advance :)

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I tried multiple cables and boxes..all cables no change..Difference between 1amp and 2amp is only .1amp current difference between the two.. Also tried setting amp current to 2.0amps, no change. I even tried setting the current limit to .1 with no effect ( still charges at .2 amps) I restored to default settings and reinput battery values and now I have 0amps.. no current :(:(

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I’ve got the same problem on my DNA. So, I plugged my DNA on a laboratory power supply with a fixed voltage and current. (voltage = 5v, current = 2A). Guess what? Same problem, my DNA only consume 0.31 A (Confirmed by the PSU)! So I've tested with all my usb cable. The result: my Triade 250 consumes 1.98 A (confirmed by PSU), only with the little tiny usb cable suppled with it !


So, my advise is to use the little cable with a tablet charger (often supply a current of 2.1 A). I hop this helps you.


Sorry for my english (it’s note my native language).

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