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Vaporshark DNA 200 issue


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I am trying to get the battery meter working wproperyt.

My settings are as follows:

Maximum Puffs
Lithium Polymer
Capacity: 9.99Wh (3 Cell)
Cell Soft Cut Off 3.09V

BUT when I click the WATT HOUR Calculator I get the following:

Battery Cell Capacity : 720Mah
Nominal Pack Voltage: 11.1V

Now, as I understand it, the Battery Cell Capacity is actually 900Mah.

But it won't let me change it and keeps reverting to 720Mah.

How can I fix this?

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yeh I uploaded to device.

I think when you click ok, it enters the Wh figure automatically which in my case is 9.99.

Then of course you upload it which is what I do.

I've heard some people are using 10.22Wh. Should I change the 9.99 I have to 10.22?

I recently sent in my DNA 200 for repair (Chip) and they changed the battery to a new one, but I don't believe I am getting as much battery life with this new battery which is disappointing. 

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