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DNA 250 keeps powering down


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I have a Triade DNA 250 and it's my first DNA bit when I leave it idle or if I change atomizers, it crashes. One time it said something to the extent of error plus + to continue. The rest, it may reboot after being pulled off the charger (I charge my batteries with the 2A charger because the Triade rips up my wraps on my 25Rs every single time I go to charge them) or it may be sitting idle and I push the button and it turns on. I love my DNA and I'm actually in the market for a second one (preferably with a bottom battery door because nothing stresses me more than waking up and finding ejuice about a millimeter from the negative terminal) but the crashing is putting me off. I'm running SP4. Also if anyone has a profile for 3x25Rs I would be appreciatve because when my batteries drop below 20% the battery level disappears entirely which is frustrating beyond belief. Thank you

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Ethrem, it's very easy to create your own curve for your batteries. There is no chance of danger. However, if you're willing to use some faceless stranger's info, there are many curves on the German DNA site called dna200.de. I believe the German word for Curve is Kurven.

The curve is the same for a 1, 2, or 3 usage of every battery. Your inputting of data is the only difference (watt hours, etc.)

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