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Raise ohms?


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I always seem to be getting a slightly weak vape off my dna200 Think Vape Panzer using SS coils, I have the tool for testing internal resistance but for some reason it doesn't work with the Panzer (but does with my Hcigar VT75) but I feel like if I could raise the readings of my coils by 0.02 (going from say 0.7 ohms to 0.72 ohms) it would fix the problem but I can't find a way to increase coil resistance, only decrease it. I use the take a vape unscrew tank, replace and lock ohms workaround but it's too unpredictable, you can go up anywhere between 0.04-0.08 which makes it way too strong. Am I missing an option for this? Increasing wattage has little to no effect.

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