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Wire Wizard- Do I export parallel or single wire Material for dual coil build?

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I'm just doing a simple spaced Stainless Steel SS 316L dual coil build.

Should I export out the material in the Wire Wizard as a single wire, or the parallel option?

When I choose the parallel option it gives me the same ohms that my build is.

I just got my device yesterday, so I'm still a noob.
Thanks in advance for anyone who can help!

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OK thanks, that's good to know.

Is there a way to change the preheat power, punch, and time limit without hooking up to the computer, because it keeps having problems recognizing the device and i have to plug it in 2-3 times to get it to work.
The screen will also show "Warranty Service" and the device won't produce much vape at all, unless I take out a battery and put it back in to turn the device on and off.

It seems to also have this problem sometimes after it goes to sleep and i don't vape it for 30 minutes or so.
It will show the temp is reached but not get hot and barely produce any vape.
But as soon as I restart it by removing the battery power, then replace it, it continues to work perfect and create massive clouds.
I'm using 2 brand new batteries that are exactly the same.
I'm sure the problem is not from the batteries or the build.
Something might be wrong with my chip, or I need to do something to fix the problem.

It's getting really annoying having to take off the back plate, pull a battery end out to turn it off, then put it back just to get it to vape right.

Have you ever heard of this problem or know how I can fix it???

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You can only change preheat through EScribe, but you can base your profiles on different preheat settings and change most everything else when out and about like material, temp and power, but not temp dominant.

It could be poor battery connection causing your other issues try cleaning them and checking tightness.

From the common problems thread:

Warranty Service Error Message:

  • Warranty error means that the logic voltage regulator is running out of spec. That could be due to a soft short circuit somewhere in the logic circuitry, a total battery voltage under 4v, or similar.   Verify cell voltages and replace battery if needed or send mod in for service if the battery is to spec.
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