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Yep https://evolvapor.forumchitchat.com/search?keywords=bluetooth+&searchin=message&member=&do=findposts&id=&replies=atleast&numreplies=0&daterange=0&custdatefrom=&custdateto=&sort=&order=desc&radio_showas=threads&btnSearch=Search&action=doSearch

IIRC no in the short term focus had always been quality and readin between the lines it would raise price and design time while adding zero to vape quality, but not ruled out in the medium or long term.

ETA that suites me fine, vape quality is king and glad they have USB memory flashing that can recover if something goes wrong and your device seems un-connectable.

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Thanks for the answer vaping bad. I guess I could have just searched that before asking. I can understand about the pricing thing. Might push the price of the device outside of what most people want or willing to pay. I think the biggest plus would be while away from home you could monitor on a smart phone. Hopefully sooner or later. But who knows if its even worth it if the FEDs are going to come in and stop everything we are using today. That will suck badly.

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