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How to care your lipo battery?


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Lipo batteries have used in many ways, like our smart phones, UAVS, cars, computers...
I think most people will face a problem: why does my lipo battery using time get shorter and shorter? When you bought a new phone, the first month, you can watch videos, play games, listen to the music for the hole day, but after about 6 month, you may found you just can use it about half one day, as time goes by, you will need to charge all the time. Why? Every lipo battery has its life can capacity, you should often care about your battery, you should avoid over charge or over discharge your battery. What's over charge ? what's over discharge. The mean is you should keep there is at least 20% power in your lipo battery and when your lipo battery is full charge, you should stop to charge. Lipo battery is a memory battery, if you also use over 80%, its battey capacity will get small, and can't come back to the normal value.

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LiPos do not have a memory effect, they do age, you can slow ageing by using max recharges setting (this can double the life, by only charging to 4.1 V 90%).  Not draining to empty also extends life, probably the next is to keep the battery between about 30 & 80% with more frequent top up charges.  Other things that will reduce the life are extreme temperatures, storing fully charges or storing empty, best to store around 3.7 V.


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