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Dead battery in Hcigar vt200?


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Hello everyone, since two weeks I noticed the strange thing in my VT200. In the first week With 40% Battery (capacity in escribe 11wh, cuttoff voltage 3.06v) of 60w was dropping to 40W (TC was off). From two days started to happen already at 65%, I've updated box to the newest soft 08/08/2016 Escribe 1.2 SP3. It happens even Escribe shows every cell voltage at 3.8V, now from 46watts dropping to 30 at 65% battery. After re-updating I had a bug - battery percentage was 7%, after re-uploading battery curve backed to normal 67%. I don't know what's happening - box serial 193xx, using from 2015 April.
Thank you for your help and greetings.
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