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Can anyone help im having problem with the most common problem, "Check Battery" issue, which the "Cell 1" reads 0.01V on my device monitor.
So i take apart my finder133, my fuse isn't blown, and the screen still works well. so i believe that the chip still normal but the problem is with those connector's.
can anyone help me fix this problem?
if the Cell 1 is the problem then how to fix it?
which connector ive to fix?
or the problem isn't with the connectors?
and if i replace the wire, am i have to replace with the same wire like 18awg 200C?
sorry if this topic keep repeated & repeated again, my phone kinda lag hihi :thumb::thumb::thumb:





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i have contacted the evolv by sending the email but till now they havent replied, and ive contacted the dealer where i purchased this mod in hope for return the mod to get a new one or they'll fix it, but they just said sorry and cant do anything.:(:( very bad experience and situations. spend much money on this not even a month>:(

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Is this what you used to contact Evolv?


and hopefully you attached the photo of the Cell packs via Escribe.

For them not responding, they may be out of the office til Monday, since it was Thanksgiving Holiday here in the States.

Don't reply multiple times to the Ticket...Evolv's ticket response system is sort of archaic and puts you at the back of the reply queue.

Good luck, I know its disappointing, and I went through the pains of the repair process and have my VT133 back with me and working as intended.

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