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Charging problems


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Hello. I'm new here, as well a new owner of an Evolv Duo DNA 133/200. I'm having a problem that I was hoping someone here with more knowledge can help me solve. My Duo worked perfectly while l was using 18650 batteries in it, but I prefer using the lipo pass-through battery, so I switched it out (with a little help from reading here), and things seemed to be going great. That was until it came time to charge it. After it comes off charge (I was using another mod while charging), when I hit the fire button, the screen goes blank and I get no power. As soon as I let off the fire button, the screen comes back. I can't get it to go through any settings, and it doesn't recognize my tank. I hadn't messed with the settings enough to worry about loosing anything, and chose to factory reset it. That seemed to fix the problem. But as soon as I needed to charge again, it did the same thing. Part of the reason I bought this was for the ability to use the lipo battery, so I'm stuck as to what to do. If I have to go back to the 18650s I will, but I'd rather not. Anyone have any ideas what might be going on here?

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