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no charge symbol..


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No, it is not getting anything from Cell 1 and Cell 2 is far too high, I have never owned one of these so don't know, but suspect the battery protection board is faulty (if it has one, I think it probably does) or there is an internal connection issue on the balance connection.   Maybe someone else will have better info, but if they don't I would return it to the vendor as dead on arrival.

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Things to try
1) Check the voltage of each battery with a voltmeter; one battery might be dead.
2) Check the plastic cover of the batteries (specially in the positive side); the Therion has a 'mechanical' reverse battery protection (a lip around the positive contact that might prevent contact if the battery wrapping is not perfect)
3) Double check the battery orientation
4) Try with another pair of batteries freshly charged on an external charger.

Good luck.

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