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Turn off option?

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Dna40 powers off which kinda made me frustrated when i got my sdna75 and there was no power off like dna40. Already changed all profiles :P and dont have to see that portuguesse guy in my screen. His watts mode is ni200 wire, waste of material slot. Power mode and old tc(has preheat enabled aswell) are identical lol! Would be great to have the off option again, its probably pretty simple code too, just have to wait for evolv to release an official firmware. Still not completly confortable with the system so not messing with it. (Wismec firmware was a walk in the park to mod, studied electrical and computer engineering technology+psychology)

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The testing firmware has been approved and released as far as I can see.

As for the power off feature, what exactly do you mean by that? The device monitors the atomizer resistance for a certain period of time after you take a puff (the "heartbeat" period) and then the device enters full idle mode.

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