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Wismec DNA200 3-cell voltage


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Hello guys, today I bought used Wismec Reuleaux DNA200. I buy at VaporLab new SONY US18650VTC5 and charged it all to 4.20V. I inserted it to my DNA200 and got 0% charge. I connected DNA200 to eScribe and see, 3-cell shows me 0,7-3,6V. I reset all profiles and erase all settings. But this doesn't help me. My Efest LUCV6 shows me 4.20 at all batteries, but DNA200 shows me : 1 and 2 cell - 4.20 V/ Third cell - 0,7-3,6V. I don't know what to do. I also can change my DNA200 via USB, it shows me 0,007A. I insert this battery to friend Triade DNA250 and all seems good. 100% and 4.20 at all batteries. And I insert friend HG2 to my DNA mod, it shows me 4.20 at first and second cell, and 2.60 at third. And sometimes my mod can't turn off, I must press 5 times FIRE and wait for loading and have "WARRANTY SERVICE". I dont know what to do.
Help me!!!

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It may be the plastic rings around the positive battery contacts are stopping you get a good contact.  If you have some thin magnets you could try those on the positive of the VTC5s to confirm if that is your issue, if it is you could either return the mod or file a little of the plastic off until the batteries fit.

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