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Think Vape Panzer DNA200 Lipo Died - suggestions for a replacement?


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Ejuice leaked into the mod, took the mod to bits, cleaned everything, board seems fine, but one cell of the LIPO reads 0.001 V - looks like I need a new lipo.  Anyone have one to sell, or suggestions for where to get one?

It's got a Think Vape wrap, measured cap is close to the 1500mah, calipers give 68.3mm x 35.5mm x 23.1mm

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mstave said:

Sounds like a good suggestion.  I'm not an electronics guy, is this cleaning procedure something I can do at home?  Any suggestions for a cleaner?

evolv recommends an electronics grade safe solvent, only, to be used with their boards. Any brand will do. It is something that you can do at home. In a pinch, I have used iso alcohol. I'm not recommending it. Use at your own risk. Do you or someone you know own a digital multi meter? Like I said, i would double check each cell's voltage with one, Especially if the mod was working fine before ejuice got on the board.
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Thank you!  I am looking at this on Amazon - this what you mean?


CRC 05101 QD Electronic Cleaner
A petroleum distillate / alcohol based precision cleaner designed as an alternative to CFC based cleaners. Ideal for apps where lower flashpoint materials can be tolerated. Cost effective, plastic safe & residue free.

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actually, i was wrong on the PCB cleaner......



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Just wanted to chime in here and say that the only thing we approve for use on anything that comes in contact with the board is a Silicone/RTV that is non-corrosive or electronics grade, such as the following:


Anything else is a big nono, especially solvent based glues or epoxies, the two part epoxies commonly used, etc.

apparently Evolv doesn't want you spraying anything on the boARD that is solvent based. up to you if you want to use iso alc or not. all i can say is, i used it with no ill after effects. 
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