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Uwell Crown 0.5 Ohms SS settings for TC?


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So I've read a couple of topics covering my issue on this forum and while I think I learned a lot, I'm also terribly confused and I hope someone can enlighten me a bit. Or a bit more.
Which exact settings am I supposed to use for premade Uwell Crown coils, 0.5 Ohms?

Some people say SS316L, some say SS316, others say SS304.

I've read to completely switch off pre-heating, use another TCR CSV (which I unfortunately wasn't able to download since it was offline already) and a couple of other things. Is there a consensus which settings to apply for a proper vape?


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I have never used one, but IIRC a large part of the issue was the coils had Ni200 legs, IDK if that is still the case, but if it is that would give it a strange TCR and a time delay sensing temp.   In general though I have never found preheat makes a difference to temp protection with stainless steel in any of the profiles I have tried, but if that does have Ni legs I spose it is possible.

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i use the crown coils in TC. since the update for SS TC has hit the DNA 200/250, the crown SS coils perform pretty good. 

the stock SS 316 setting that is already on the DNA will work fine.  as for preheat, i have my preheat set to 100w, punch 11, for 1 sec.  IMO, these crown coils need at least 60-70 watts and 500+F to get a good vape going.

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